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  • I am very happy with the work Tavi did. He responded to all my needs, and when requested he did everything I asked. The whole experience was positive for me, no problems at all. We even closed a day ahead of time. he showed great attention to the punch list and everything was done in a professional manner. He worked well with contractors to make sure that everything was the highest quality. I consider Tavi a friend of mine and if I ever build again I will use him.

    Michael Gross

  • Tavi was always nice and helpful. He fixed everything I asked for with a good attitude. I am completely satisfied with the quality of my home. I would give him a 100%. I love this house and I love his work.

    Margaret Ooten

  • Middlehouse built me and my wife our absolutely dream house. We’ve since moved for other reasons, but miss the house they built for us. They’re extremely professional and accommodating to the buyers. They provide suggestions and listen to your ideas and try to make them happen. They’re the best and will be hired again if we build another house. Wouldn’t use anyone...and I mean ANYONE else!


  • From Joanna's designs to Tavi's way of making things come to life... this team does a rock solid job. Their customer service doesn't stop when the house is done. Little things come up when you deal with new construction and they helped us through every little kink along the way with timeliness and care. I would recommend to anyone.


  • Middlehouse Builders were very flexible in the build process and met all of our expectations. They have continued to support any items that required fixing which were very few.


  • Middlehouse Builders, Inc. built our home in 2013. We bought it in 2014, when it was only one year old. The previous owners worked directly with Middlehouse Builders and shared with us that they had a great experience with them. They hated to leave their dream home, but they had personal family issues that caused them to move. This home is truly a dream with unique touches that I haven't seen in other homes.


  • I was impressed with the quality and attention to detail. They did an amazing job and I would absolutely hire them again. Great job.

    Todd Glass

  • Middlehouse pays attention to the small things in a house that makes it more appealing to the eye. Mouldings that are a little different, overhanging counter tops with unique supports that match the cabinets. Some of these little things that make their work stand out. They are willing to listen to suggestions that the buyer has, because its the buyer that will live with the results.


  • After much house shopping in Greenville, SC, we decided to build a house with Tavi K. and Middlehouse Builders. My wife had specific needs and design expectations. She wanted a wide open living room, dining room and kitchen area. It needed to be 43 feet from the front left in the living room to the back right corner in the kitchen. There would be no kitchen cabinets as my wife was too short to reach them. Needless to say, there were more specifics.

    Tavi present a design plan of a well known architect who we knew. He made modifications to an existing plan and my wife got every thing she wanted. We are 100% satisfied for the last five years.


  • Middlehouse builders built our new home and we love it! Tavi Keskitalo is easy to work with and a very good builder. Inspections go smoothly and he is very accommodating when you want to make a change during construction. This is the 4th house we have had built and I would build another one with Middlehouse. Except we don't plan on moving for a while!! We have received many compliments on our home and I just love how energy efficient it is. Our utility bills have been extremely low and I believe that is due to his high standards and quality in construction. I would definitely recommend Middlehouse Builders Inc.


  • The Middle House Builders team is the best I have ever worked with. From design to build, they truly are able to meet your needs. With their hands on approach to building it is a pleasure to work with them. I would highly recommend the team at Middle House for next project.


  • Middlehouse completed our 4800 sq ft home in December 2012 and we were very pleased with not only the result, but the entire building process. My husband and I are very detail oriented people (engineer & accountant) and as is common with most custom building we had our share of unexpected technical issues. Tavi was pro-active in finding mutually agreeable solutions and in many cases delivered more than we expected. Tavi takes a great deal of pride in delivering a high quality product and was always eager to make sure we were happy. We would be very pleased to recommend him to friends or family building a home.

    Gloria Askins

  • Middlehouse Builders is incredible!  My husband and I have built a few houses, and this has definitely been the best and easiest.  Top-notch quality and so easy to work with during the build.  Our site super, James, was on top of everything and made sure it all was done to perfection.  Can’t say enough good things about Tavi, Joanna, James, and the team.  Would definitely recommend them.  You don’t need to look anywhere else.

    Deb & Dave

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